Le Corbusier


The “Le Corbusier” room is located on the first floor with possible access by lift.

This spacious 110m² room is ideal for your meetings, conferences, showrooms, training sessions, cocktail parties, convivial moments, video screenings.

Possibility of a water point in a communicating room.

LE CORBUSIER: Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, born October 6, 1887 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, better known under the pseudonym of “Le Corbusier”, is an architect, urban planner, decorator, painter, sculptor and man of letters, Swiss by birth and naturalized French in 19301.

He is one of the main representatives of the modern movement. He thus rubbed shoulders with Robert Mallet-Stevens. Le Corbusier also worked in town planning and design. He is known for being the inventor of the “housing unit”, a concept on which he began to work in the 1960s, an expression of theoretical reflection on collective housing. “The housing unit of conforming size” (name given by Le Corbusier) will only be built at the time of reconstruction after the Second World War, in five all different copies, in Marseille, Briey-en-Forêt, Rezé , Firminy and Berlin.

The architectural work of Le Corbusier grouping together 17 sites (including 10 in France, the others being spread over three continents) was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 17, 2016.



The “Boille” room is located on the 2nd floor, with possible access by elevator.
This very bright 20m² room is ideal for your meetings, business meetings, training sessions, etc.

Maurice Boille: French architect born on 09/14/1883 in Tours. Pupil of Victor Laloux at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in 1904, he carried out many works such as the Grand Hotel de Tours (1927), the war memorial 14-18, the Saint6eloi brasserie and the Ladies of France store. . He was appointed consulting architect for the city of Tours.



The “Laloux” room is located on the 4th floor, with possible access by lift.
This 50m² room is bright and quiet.
Ideal for your residential seminars, training sessions, business breakfasts…

Victor LALOUX studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

His studies were interrupted by the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. He won the first Grand Prix de Rome in 1878. The young laureate became a resident of the Académie de France in Rome from January 1879 to December 31, 1882. Right arm, then elected successor to André, on the latter’s death in 1890, he in turn led many students to the Grand Prix.

He was elected a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1909. As a practitioner and teacher, Laloux became one of the most outstanding representatives of the triumphant academicism of the Belle Époque. Main achievements: Roubaix and Tours town halls, Saint-Martin Basilica, Tours and Orsay stations.

Mallet Stevens


The “Mallet Stevens” room is located on the 2nd floor, with possible access by lift.
This 26m² room is ideal for your meetings, business meetings, training sessions, video screenings, etc.

Robert Mallet-Stevens is a French architect and designer born in Paris on March 24, 1886, died in Paris on February 8, 1945. He is part of the modern movement.

He was one of the founders in 1929, and the first president, of the Union of Modern Artists (UAM), bringing together decorative artists and avant-garde architects. He was also in the 1930s director of the School of Fine Arts in Lille.

Bar Chareau


The “Chareau” lounge bar is located on the ground floor.
This 55m² lounge bar is ideal for your meetings, conferences, showroom, training sessions, cocktails…
A water point and a refrigerator are available.

The bar bears the name of the internationally known decorator Pierre Chareau who had imagined, during the construction of the hotel, a correspondence and reading room on the ground floor. Today, entirely reconstructed in its original volumes with its lights and decorative elements, it has become the bar of the Grand Hôtel de Tours.

Monsieur Pierre


The Monsieur Pierre room is located right next to the hotel.
This 20m² room is bright and quiet.
Ideal for your seminars, training, cooking workshops, tasting workshops, business breakfasts, showrooms. Fully equipped kitchen (microwave, hot plate, fridge, dishwasher, worktop).

This air-conditioned room with daylight has equipment that will facilitate the organization of your meeting: Internet connection, Wifi, video projector screen, coffee machine, paper board, stationery, water on the table.
Specific equipment can be provided to you on request (video projector, sound system, refrigerator, mirror, screens, etc.)